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Username: puffpuff-passz_x
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The Wifey's Hack

can't believe i used to type like that v? LMFAO laame! Well whatever. the wife was here O7.27.14! I love yooooou Katrinaaaaa! ♥
Always & Forebuuuuurrr!

what can i say about this amazing girl? Well first! she's MINE so back off! HA! Jkkk. Maybe. :P ahh anyways. I love you until the day i day. Maybe longer.. We'll see. LMFAO! I love that we have sooooo much in common! ♥ from the music we listen to, to the Boys! LMFAO to games!(Sometimes) &; the fact that we live in the same country! (: I've known you to what seems like forever! but still never met yoou in person /:
One Day! Promisee! ♥
i would do basically ANYTHING for this lady! Ahh.. may sound cheesy but she's one of my bestest friends ever! ♥ and always will be! Always there for me when I need someone to talk to about anything & everything. I love it (: She always has something to say to try an help cheer me up. it's like whatever my problem is, is her problem as well! And i would do exactly the same for her. Always be here to listen & give some advice. (: ♥
LMFAO! anyways before i start crying.. one day we have to party together!! Possibly travel the world!? as long as we go to Italy first. :P with the love of our lives too! Would be so romantic. LMFAO (: ahh shit. We have so much memories together already and we've only known eachother for what? 4 years? 3? some shit like that. LMFAO and I don't regret meeting you at all! we may not talk every day but once we do start talking again we just can't seem to stop. Day 2 on this shit and she already has me fixing her page xD haha! Anyways. My favourite moments with you is when we get to bug the shit out of Sean. LMFAO! Or when you came online high aff! "Headphones stuck in your ears?" LMFAO! ah that was amazing. Never gonna forget that. :P
hmm, what else to say?
Nothing else really to say but to remind you that I'll always be here Katrina! (: If ya ever need me just hit me up and i'll help out the best I can.! ♥
Hopefully we get to make more Memories together in the near future! LMFAO (:
Oh! My favourite best friend quote I found online:
A Best friend isn't someone who isn't just there for you..
It's someone who understands you a bit more than you understand yourself

I love yoooou! ♥


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