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Username: puffpuff-passz_x
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My Wifey's Haack
I love this chick to death<3

Yeyeee.! listen up MuthaFuckerr(; This is Leah hackinq my Bestfriend/Wifey!(; LMFAOOO. Dudee where the fuck do I start eh? My lawdd well Imuh start by sayinq that I'd never be here without you Katrina. Seriously lmfao I woulda quit this zwinky shit so lonq aqo (: [Even thouqh I missed it) LMFAO. I told her to qet on with me and we've been qettinq on like every day now x; aha LMFAO. Ok anyways this qirl is the SHIT no lies LMFAO shes always there for me when I need her which is like everyday cause of my stupid drama :/ smh ROFLMFAO. But thats what I love the most about her. Shes never left me because of my fuckin complaininq LMFAOOOOO. Anyways. If I ever quit msn/zwinky/everythinq that has to do with the computer. I'd miss her the most. She means so much to me you zwinky asses seriously have no qod damn idea. (: Roflmfao. Shes likee uhh.. my other half?(: LMFAO. Hopefully I'll qet to meet this qirl in person. I'd never let her leave my side at all. (: If she ever came to B.C to party with me then hell fuckinq no am I ever lettinq her back to Alberta LMFAO. Unless B.C qets fuckinq borinq then Imuh follow her to Alberta(:. I would never trade her for anythinq in this world. Noone can take her placee cause I never met anyone like her (: LMFAO. I'm beinq honest x; Whenever I'm pissed off/sad she'll always find a way to put a smile on my face eh. And whenever I'm hyper as fuck she'll make it worse ROFLMFAOOOOOO! (: Andd yeahh. Imuh brinq you a Rockstar niqqermayne LMFAO. ''SHE MAKES ME WANNA SING LA LA LA LA" LMFAOOO. I dedicated that sonq to her. Its the best way to tell her that I love her(: Alot. LMFAO. Iknoww it sounds qay and shit but who cares ? I certinally dont. Shes always qonna be my bestfriend/wifey and Idqaf about what anyone says(: But anyways. Katrina I love you for you (: Dont ever chanqe on me LMFAO. Oh and before I forqet when we wakee up the next day after the party in..where ever the fuck we are were qonna have a bad shit load of hanqovers. LMFAO. Dudee I've noticed that we qet sick toqether? and now we qet tummy aches toqether to ? and headaches..all that crap ROFLMFAOOOOOO! Katrina it must be a siqn eh. x; Anyways my wifey is the only reason why I ever qet on this shit anymore (: without her I woulda quit and left this shit like a monthss aqoo.!(: I stay because she always knows how to make my day so much better and always knows how to put a smile on my face. She's one of the few ppl that knoww me soo well(: Aha. It took some ppl like 3 years to fiqure me out. But it only took Katrina 3 months LMFAOOO!!!! thats what I love about beinq with her (: I can be myself around her no fuckin strinqs attatched. But I trust this qirl like Ohhdee much rofl. I can tell her anythinqq&everythinqq. Love troubles, bitches who piss me off andd all them crappy reasons LMFAO. I swear that we have so much in common its not even funny. We're the same race, we live in the same country, we love the same kinda music, we love enerqy drinks [specially rockstar), We both wanna meet eachother in person [doesnt really matter where), all that stuff. LMFAOOOOO. Whenever we talk on msn/zwinky/znotes we always talk about the retardedest shit ever. Most of our convos are priceless. LMFAOOO. I love that.(: I've met her on O12O1O ♥ and I dont ever reqret acceptinq her on msn [weird riqht)? aha Idqaf. (: I'm happy I met her. Yeah we have weird moments. But who doesnt ? LMFAO. Specially last niqht yo...Or whenever it was. LMFAO. Katrina: u have any problems? :D Me:yes. Katrina:like wat? Me:druq addict. ROFLMFAOOOOO that was soo funny x; it seriously made my day so much better. But anyways I think Imuh do you zwinky asses a favour and shut up for now(: LMFAOOO. Honestly Katrinaa theres so much to say about you (: ♥ "People Say DAMN Those Girls Are Never Apart. We Say: Naw Shit Bitch.! We Share The Same Heart (:" Mine & Katrina's Quotee <3 LMFAO. iiFuckinqqLoveYouu_♥ (: Nothinq is chanqinq that. And no ones EVER. takinq your spot. ♥! O12O1O(:
- - -
Wusssuupp Zwinky Lamez. Thiss Is Tonyy , Katrinas Weirdo / Daddyy ;D Hackinn Her Pagee! Lmaoo! She's Myyy Potheadd<33. But Yee Ummmm Diss Girl Useddd Too Be Lamee! Butt Im Tryin Not Too Call Her Anymoree! Haha. Even Thoughh She's Mean Too Me Cuss i Dont Knoe Wutt Her "Everrr" Thingg Means! Lol. She's A Weirdo Thoughh! Anywayss.... I'vee Known Her For A Lil While Now Andd She's Koo Too Talkk Too i Like Talkinn Too Her i Culd Never Get Bored Talkiin Too Diss Girl!! Even Thoughh She Be Takinn Forever Too Get On Aim When i Tell Her Too! -.- Lmaoo. But Yeea Hahah Wheneverr We Try Too Stay Up Latee Witt EachOtherr She ALWAYZZ Be Da First One Too Quit Andd Go Too Sleep!!! Haha Nahh Waittt I'm Lyingg, She Won Oncee Outta Like 10 Timess xD !! Lol. Hmmm Wut Else Culd i Say Boutt My Potheadd i Cantt Really Thinkk Good Right Now My Brain Aint Workiin Too Goodd x] Lmaoo!. So Yee Thiss Is Were Imma Stopp :D !! Oh & Imma Alwayss Be Here For You iight !!
i Love You My Lil Potheadd ;D <33 !!.
-> Hacked On 8.28.1O 1:45 A.M ;D <-


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